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Who's Using the Turbo Tuner?


Jimmy Bomann with the Turbo Tuner

Jimmy Bomann


"When I first tried the Turbo Tuner, I was surprised on how accurate this little tuner actually was!! I tried it in line with my older strobes, but noticed that, over time, I started using the Turbo Tuner more often. I have since then, completely switched/relied upon the Turbo Tuner. I find it to "Catch" notes faster than the other strobes, and seems to be much more accurate. I am using it on a daily basis, and will from now on."


Bob Wall

Bob Wall

Touring guitar and bass tech for for such artists as Papa Roach,
Hoobastank, Ministry, Filter, L7 and  many others.


"Super accurate, yet compact. I use this tuner everyday. Works as well or better than other tuners costing 3 or 4 times as much. I love the fact that it displays the frequency of the note. Sometimes a certain note will cause stage resonance. With the frequency display I can see what note is causing problems and have my sound guy pull that out of the stage mix. Great Tuner!"

Joel James

Joel James


Guitar Technician Extaordinary


"I have been busy with Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and most recently Smash Mouth. My xxxxxxxx has become my back-up tuner. It is hardly powered on. I am Bass and Keys Tech with Smash Mouth. It grabs the bass notes so fast I just can't believe it.


I will be going to Europe with the band ATREYU for 4 weeks in November. I am positive that my Turbo-Tuner will stand up to these rigors and perform just like it has flawlessly for the last several hundred+ times I have depended on it."


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